A Service, Support and Resource Centre Designed for Single Mothers.


Single Moms, Fresh Start is committed to educating, supporting and empowering single mothers with resources, practical assistance, emotional and social networking in order to achieve their goals to better their lives and those of their children.


Our Values

  • We Respect the dignity of each individual as reflected in the diversities of sex, religion, culture, race and sexual orientation.
  • We believe in respect for the uniqueness of each individual.
  • We believe that providing opportunities will enable individuals to reach their full potential in the area of social, emotional, intellectual and personal growth.
  • We believe in the provision of services to all people especially the most vulnerable in society
  • We actively seek opportunities to learn, change and grow to ensure our capacity to respond to emerging needs of our clients.
  • We seek to create an accessible environment where all people are nurtured, accepted and enabled to grow.

Our Vision

To eliminate poverty and isolation in female single parent families.
Not For Profit Registration Number 196260