About Us

Staci Lumb is the Founder and Executive Director of Single Moms, Fresh Start. She started the organization in 2012 after a 3 year custody battle with her sons father and ongoing struggle to try to find support and services in the GTA.
Staci started the organization with a simple idea, to have all resources and services available specifically for single mothers in the GTA. She started with a blog and Facebook page which lead to a website and a Not For Profit application.
In 2015 Single Moms, Fresh Start was officially approved and recognized as a  Not For Profit Organization in the province of Ontario.
In 2016 Single Moms, Fresh Start was approved and selected to receive a Seed Grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. This grant has helped fund a workshop program which will begin in the Spring of 2016. If the program is successful, Single Moms, Fresh Start hopes to receive a larger grant and run programs all year round in and around the GTA and open an office that will allow many professionals to offer hands on services and support for single mothers.
Staci’s goal is to assist in eliminating poverty and isolation in single mother households by providing services and support in a comfortable environment within Ontario.