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Help us build a centre dedicated to single parents!

Single parents, especially single moms, are in need of services like ours:

  • Divorce rate is 41% in Canada, so more and more families are going to become single-parent households
  • Average age of divorce for women in Canada is 42, which means that divorce is affecting progressively younger women
  • 97% of single parents are mothers
  • $2Billion is owed in child support in Ontario
  • 82% of child support payments are in arrears
  • 1 in 2 female single-parent children in Canada living in poverty

We are working towards opening an office in Toronto to provide hands-on services for those in need, such as connection to information, counselling, parenting seminars and resumé building. In order for our vision to become a reality, we have started the process to register our organization as a not-for-profit with the Ontario government. We are raising funds for this application and the cost of this website.

As the four of us co-founders are all single mothers ourselves, we are unable to contribute the full cost of this initiative.

We are asking for donations to contribute to this wonderful cause. With almost 50% of female single-parent children are living in poverty, we need help to provide support to these families!


Single Moms Fresh Start Fundraising
Lesley Moses 500.00 CAD
Marcy Setter 200.00 CAD
Dan Melnik 100.00 CAD
Lee 100.00 CAD
Nicole 70.00 CAD
Lia Jasani 50.00 CAD
NLPC 50.00 CAD
Brittany Perry 40.00 CAD
Mr.Patrick & Mme.Celine 40.00 CAD
The Herdmans 25.00 CAD
Staci Lumb 20.00 CAD
Janna Peterson 20.00 CAD
5.00 CAD
Total amount 1220.00 CAD
Target to reach 6000.00 CAD